Landowners along the old Line 3 share their stories.

What is it like to have a pipeline on your property? How does Enbridge treat landowners? And most importantly, why is Abandonment such an urgent issue for the people along the old Line 3? Minnesotans for Pipeline Cleanup has spent the last few months recording the stories and perspectives that initially sparked the formation of this group. Now you can hear directly from those most affected by Abandonment.

Through all of the stories runs a common current: Enbridge doesn’t seem to understand what it means to change our land in the ways they do, nor do they act like they care. Whether it’s improperly reseeding the right of way after digging it up, leaving pipes sloppily or barely covered by earth, or planning to leave an old pipeline in the ground with little regard to future consequences, the company and its projects consistently threaten the precious and intricate processes that make up our everyday relationship to the land we live on. These pipelines don’t just cross the state of Minnesota, they cross our parcels, our swamps, our pastures, our driveways, our pine stands, the view out our windows, and our plans for our grandchildren. They don’t just come through once, they live here where we do, change the water flows, sink and rise with the seasons, make our backyards corporate playgrounds, and slice through the rich and fragile soil we cultivate. 

Enbridge likes to make landowners feel alone when they have a demand for the company. Rodney Struble of Warba, Colleen Bernu of Sawyer, Richard Schustarich of Blackberry, Norley Hanson and George Berbee of Cohasset - these are members of MPC that agreed to tell their stories so that members in their community would know that's not true. And their stories are starting to sound very familiar. 

It's time landowners had a voice when it comes to pipelines - this is where it starts. 


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