Sean MacManus, a stone worker and artist in Duluth

An op-ed written by Sean MacManus and published on Monday in the Duluth News Tribune emphasized that the "decommissioning and removal of Enbridge’s old Line 3 oil pipeline would be a shovel-ready project that would help Minnesota move forward after the pandemic crisis abates."   

This crisis has been hard on all of us, and rural economies were already suffering -- pipeline removal, as MacManus points out, "would be an environmentally sound jobs plan that would unite rather than divide" when the necessary shut-downs ease. 

We want to thank MacManus for hearing our voices and remembering that we've already had to push hard to get Enbridge to commit to the yet-unrealized Landowner Choice Program -- and not abandon a pipeline on our properties. There's much left to clarify regarding how that program will work, he points out, but now is the time to do it. 

"...There are many unanswered questions about how the [Land Owner Choice] program would operate or what mechanism would be used to enforce it if Enbridge was not treating landowners fairly — or if it fell into financial ruin...The admission that Enbridge and pipeline workers have the ability to take out what they put in has great value for our current moment."

Read the full op-ed HERE.