June 26th, 2017

Dear Ms. Macalister,
We understand that Enbridge has filed a proposed abandonment plan per PHMSA regulations. We also understand, per the D- EIS, that Enbridge has filed with the Minnesota PUC a draft of the required plan that specifically show how the PHMSA abandonment regulations will be achieved. According to Enbridge, abandonment will include: removing the oil, cleaning the pipeline, disconnecting the… Read More

Enbridge Energy has proposed to shut down and abandon its Line 3 crude oil pipeline, without addressing soil and water contaminattion or removing the pipe. This would pass on an enormous financial liability to landowners along the line, and to our children and grandchildren. The State of Minnesota has no plan to deal with this dangerous situation or to protect landowners from that liability. But community members across the north are coming… Read More


Minnesotans for Pipeline Cleanup are landowners and citizens concerned about the liabilities of abandoning Enbridge’s old Line 3 oil pipeline.


  • Corporate Responsibility - Enbridge should remove and remediate contamination, and prevent liability to landowners.
  • Property Rights - Landowners should have a choice whether to remove or abandon the pipe on their land.… Read More

Dear Governor Dayton,

I am writing to ask you to take action on an urgent issue. I own property along Enbridge Energy’s Mainline pipeline corridor, with an active easement that allows Enbridge to operate its pipelines on my land. Enbridge has proposed to shut down and abandon its Line 3 crude oil pipeline, without addressing soil and water contamination or removing the pipe. I am concerned that the abandonment of Line 3 would pass on… Read More

We, the undersigned, are landowners near the existing Enbridge Mainline pipeline corridor in Northern Minnesota. We are deeply concerned about the consequences of Enbridge’s proposal to abandon its existing Line 3 pipeline in place. If Enbridge shuts down Line 3, we believe they have a legal, financial, and moral responsibility to address any potential liability that the decommissioned pipeline would pose for us as landowners. We call on the… Read More

This Record of Decision documents my decision to select a modified version of the Proposed Action described in the October 2000 Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) titled Changes to the Existing Yellowstone Pipeline between Thompson Falls and Kingston. I have not included one proposed reroute in my decision because it would be solely on private land, and my decision can only apply to National Forest System lands.

My decision… Read More